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Pobeda JSC is one of the leading manufacturers of biscuits, mini cakes and pralines in Bulgaria. The company was founded in 1929. The experience and knowledge accumulated over decades, combined with dedication and care, create the matchless and memorable taste of the products found in almost every Bulgarian home.







Founded 1929

At the beginning of the 20th century, an enterprising Bulgarian opened a factory for the production of confectionery in Burgas. Halva, sesame tahini and so was born a legendary story, which today is behind the name "Pobeda".

Oснована през 1929 г

Pobeda JSC builds loyalty and trust towards its products with decades of hard work, and non-surprisingly it’s amongst the leaders on the confectionery market. Most brands of the company enjoy long traditions on the Bulgarian market and are well known to consumers of confectionery. The most famous products of Pobeda JSC are Zakuska biscuits, Izgrev plain biscuits, Everest, Navona and Anelia biscuits; Super Bravo mini cakes and the traditional Chernomorets pralines. All of these brands with recognizable taste are loved and each of them brings many emotions to the generations of Bulgarians.

Vision and Goals

Pobeda JSC works continuously to meet the changing needs and expectations of the consumers on the Bulgarian market through market research, improvement of products and development of new quality products. By strictly observation of the market trends and maintaining high manufacturing standards, the company seeks to satisfy both consumers with traditional preferences and those looking for modern products. The company aims to increase its market share through fair competition, constant innovations and regular upgrading of equipment and technology.

The company has a large production base and a well-developed distribution network abroad. The wide range of products is presented in five categories - biscuits, candies, waffles, cakes and croissants.

The preserved original recipes, recognizable by generations of Bulgarians, the long-term trust of the consumers and the high production standards assign to "Pobeda" the image of one of the most beloved Bulgarian brands.


In its corporate history Pobeda JSC has won numerous awards, including two awards Golden Lion of the Made in Bulgaria Union and nine gold medals at the International Fair in Plovdiv. In 2009 the company won the award Product with best value-for-money ratio at Food and beverages for Tourism - 2009 exhibition. In 2013 Pobeda JSC was given with Poriv statuette and honorary diploma for effective product development and new market entries by BCCI Burgas. Pobeda was also honoured as Best Bulgarian company for its good financial results in 2014 in the prestigious annual business awards, organized by First Investment Bank Bulgaria. The most emotional brand of the company – Couple cake was nominated as an innovative product during the PLMA’s World of Private Label exhibition 2016 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. During the same year Chernomorets pralines won the first place in Pralines and Candies category in the annual My Love Marks contest, driven by the Bulgarian consumers voting.

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