Four awards for Pobeda Biscuits in "Favorite Brands 2023"

"Zakuska" biscuits became  No.1  brand for the year 2023 in the Confectionery section at the Award ceremony in the 14th edition of the consumer ranking "FAVORITE BRANDS", which took place on June 28th, 2023, at the Astoria Grand Hotel. Sofia city.

Nearly 80 award certificates were given to the finalist brands,  favorite of the Bulgarian consumers in over 50 categories.A record number of consumers, nearly 62 thousand people, took part in the vote.

"FAVORITE BRANDS" is the only conumer ranking in our country and presents the user opinion on branding in Bulgaria. The most preferred Biscuits of "Pobeda" JSC are also the favorites in the "Sugar Products" section. The No. 1 brand for 2023 is "Zakuska", and in the TOP 3 are also "Anelia" biscuits and "Everest" biscuits, the latter of which also received an award in the "Sugar products - biscuits and wafers" category.

Thus "Pobeda" JSC, one of the leading manufacturers of confectionery products in Bulgaria, received 4 awards for its biscuit brands. The company, already over 90 years old, successfully responds to the market challenges and annually keeps its positions by maintaining high standards and quality, constant innovation and development of the product portfolio.

Consumers of brand No. 1 for 2023 - "Zakuska" biscuits, can enjoy the  new flavour of  "Zakuska" banana  from  June, already available in the stores.

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