Human resources are the fundamental and most important resource for achieving our goals. We appreciate them, invest in their development, respect and acknowledge their contribution.

We search and hire the best professionals, appreciating the experience, enthusiasm and desire for realization.

We invest in people through the provision of opportunities for training and development.

We offer a challenging and dynamic work environment, opportunities for career advancement, proper remuneration.

We give young people a chance to show the best of themselves. Every year the company takes part in the Students’ training and career forum. Many students have the unique opportunity of internships in real working environment. The best of them do become part of the team of Pobeda JSC.

Internship and apprenticeship

Pobeda JSC has extensive experience in recruitment and education of trainees. Our company is open to young people with potential and desire for professional development, willing to take first step in their career in our company.

Every year the company offers, organizes and provides training for students, who wish to enrich their knowledge and gain practical skills in a real business environment. No working experience is required from applicants.

According to their interests, candidates have opportunity to select most suitable time and department for practice.

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