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Social activities

Pobeda Is a Love Brand for Bulgarians


Pobeda JSC ranked at 3rd place in the category for Confectionery products at the final of  the annual Mylovemarks ranking of "BGBusiness REVIEW" magazine.

The ranking started in January 2010 and for 3 months the end-consumers have had the possibility to vote for their loved brands in 20 categories, each of them displaying the consumer’s preferences in different fields.

The ranking has 3 stages and the brands from each category that got most nominations go to the next stage. In the last stage of the ranking participants vote for 1 of the 3 brands from the categories that reached the final .

A special Award Ceremony for the winner brands was held in Dedemann Princess Hotel on 23rd of March.

At the first stage of the ranking,  Chernomorets chocolates has been nominated together with Pobeda in the category for Confectionery products.

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